Welcome from the Founder


BettyeAnn Marshall

Have you ever felt lost with  no sense of purpose?  This was me about a decade ago.  I was searching, and searching but still I could not find peace, joy, love, nor happiness.  I felt stuck with the life I was in.  I felt as though God could have cared less about me.  Basically, I felt self-pity, like a failure, and alone.  I did not even love myself, nor did I know how to love.

I can remember to this day when my transformation journey started.  I had just bought a home in Rowlett, Texas and there was this small church within walking distance of my home.  So, after about a year in my home, I decided to try God.  Not to say that I did not know Him, I was just playing with Him.  I went to that church the first time, but nothing happened.  About a few months later I decided to give it another try.  Oh my!  This time the Pastor was back from a preaching engagement, and it was if God was speaking to me through this man!

God does that, you know.  He allows and uses others to gain our attention.  I joined the church, became an active member, attended Bible Study, and Discipleship Training regularly.  I was so hungry for God!  So much so, that I started Seminary.  And here I am!  I finally found my purpose in life.  I didn't know it then, but many of my friends and family often called me for advice, a ear to listen to, and things they needed to get off their chest.  I was good at it!  When I first started Seminary I wanted to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but then the Holy Spirit guided me to Biblical Counseling, I could not have chosen a better path for my life.  He is always right!

I am a graduate of Luther Rice College & Seminary in Lithonia Georgia, with a Bachelor's in Religion/Biblical Counseling.  I am currently pursuing my Master's in Biblical Counseling.  I am a licensed Pastoral Counselor through Network220, headquartered in Plano Texas.  And a Certified Facilitator in "Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma" with the American Association of Christian Counselors.  I am the founder of Tears of Trauma Foundation, it is a 501(c)3 non-profit that assist family members and spouses in relation with veterans who suffer from combat related PTSD/TBI.  

It's not the papers (certification & degree) that gives me all the credentials needed to be an effective counselor, it is also from practical experience that is most beneficial to those I counsel, and support.  I am married to a combat Marine who suffers from PTSD.  He has turned his trauma into triumph, he is the National Director of Operations for a foundation that assist veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD.  He has found his way by turning the darkness he has experienced into light for his fellow brothers and sisters who served honorable and who are diagnosed with PTSD/TBI.  There motto is:  "No One Heals Alone", and I could not agree more.

I would love to be a part in your healing journey.  Actually, it would be a privilege!  I am flexible, and my office is located in Alpharetta GA, but do not allow that to stop you from booking an appointment with me.  I am here to be a servant for God, and that is serving His people.  

May God Bless you, and my you find your God ordained purpose in this life!

Founder, A New Heart Christian Ministry

BettyeAnn Marshall